English announcement follows below.


TEL:03 6382 7380‬(催し日のみ対応可能)








メール送信先                                                       ★迷惑メール読み取り不可能にさせるため、メールアドレスは上記の方法で掲載させて頂いております。「(at)」を「@」に変更してご使用下さい。

plan-Bオフィシャルメールからご予約完了のメール受け取った後に、ご予約の取り消しをされる場合はキャンセル料が発生いたします。 キャンセル料金は指定の口座へお振込となります(振込手数料はお客様のご負担になります)。また、キャンセル料のお振込が確認できない方は、以後のご来場はお断りさせていただきますのでご注意ください。

Contact and Reservations


We Do Not Accept Reservations on the Day of the Event Via Email.
-Please send us your reservation emails by the day before the event.
-Your reservation process completes after you receive a reply from plan-B.

★The plan-B phone number is new!
TEL:03 6382 7380 (Only available on the day of the event)

[Please Note]
We Are Experiencing Incomplete Reservations!
1) Please send your reservation emails using a PC, as emails with domains such as au, Softbank, docomo, etc. will NOT be accepted by our server. 2) Please also note that some emails sent via mobile devices such as tablets or cellphones, even if their addresses do not contain the domains, could be rejected by our server.

Make Sure to Receive Our Reply.
If you do not receive our reply titled “Reply from the plan-B Official Site” within three days, please send us your inquiry again. Your reservation is completed after you receive our answer.

At the Door on the Day of the Event
We do not secure your seat unless your reservation process is completed. Due to the limited capacity of our space, our priority is for those who reserved their seats. Unfortunately, just saying you sent an email to us at the door does not qualify as a reservation. If you come to our events without reservation, we can accommodate you ONLY when we have seats available.

[Our Space]
Founded in 1982, plan-B has kept its experimental and hands-on spirit along with the original shape of the space. It is a very small live house located in the basement with no windows, and there is a narrow staircase with one entrance to its performance space. We do not have step-free access to the basement. Also, please be aware that people who have claustrophobia may experience difficulties staying inside during an event. Thank you for being considerate to other audiences, as it could be destructive to an event to enter and exit during the performance.

We will NOT reply to your reservation emails when the event is announced as SOLD OUT.

[How to Make a Reservation via Email]
Please send us an email as follows:
- In your email subject line, please write: RESERVATION FOR PERFORMANCE
- In the content, please insert the following information:

Full Name (Kana readings if applicable):
Zip Code:
Phone Number (the one reachable on the day of the event):
Email Address:
Name and Date of the Performance you wish to reserve:

If you wish to make reservations for more than two people, please make sure to write all of the members’ names.

Send your email to
(please change (at) to @)

Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your reservation after receiving our reply, there will be a cancellation charge. The cancellation fee will be 100% of the ticket price you reserved. Please wire the amount to the designated bank account. (The sender shall bear the transaction charge.) If you failed to pay the cancellation fee, your next reservation would not be accepted.